What can go right

The calm before the storm

The only wrong thing was the DJ software I am using decided to forget where the playlists were the night before. Luckily, my wifey managed to figure it out. It really made the case for having their own set-up. Owning the files and have them stored separately as well. Back-up of the back-ups like.

The picture is deceiving. As people arrived the floor filled up fairly quickly. And that was that. Unfortunately I didn’t want to risk any hiccups in the music I was playing so I was not able to select what artists Spotify had given me. There are some real gems in there but for another time.

The floorcraft showed a marked improvement. I am not sure if that was because they were fewer people dancing but most observed the line of dance. I let oncoming dancers on as well. Because I am a gentleman and that is what at least this gentleman does.

There were two dancers in particular who stood out. One is amazing and a humbling pleasure to dance with. I don’t know what she sees in me but then I am like that when it comes to tango. One I hadn’t danced with in years and it was pure pleasure for twelve minutes.

The people loved the particular playlist as well…

* shrugs *

Onwards and upwards 🙂

New Nuevo for me

So I will be putting together my playlist for Cork Christmas milonga and I came across Sexteto Cristal via the Tango DJ forum. I love them… They may feature once or twice in my playlist. I love how they invoke the memory of the old guard whilst empowering the tango nuevo that flows through them.

Link #9 – Don’t be b…

If I ever spend some time in London I will be sure to check them out. Kim Benitez writes about the wonderness of tango:

Tango – in its essence – is beautiful. The embrace, the walk, the music. Put all those elements together? Magic!

When you find harmony in these fundamentals, you get the feeling that you don’t need anything else in the world.

This will never be boring to me. In nearly twenty years of dancing, it’s allure has yet to fade.

Beautifully written. Hopefully I will have improved a lot since the last time we danced!

Link 8 – I wish I had written the entire post!

Another gem from Andrea about her pet peeves. Top of the list?

Beginners may put up with this behaviour for a while, but nobody likes it and it will eventually make you the talk of the town and not in a good way. Have you ever said to someone during a tanda, “Can I offer you some tips/advice?” That is teaching on the dance floor.

I wish we could learn this in my community. The entire post is worth reading!

Link #7 – Another book to add to my collection eventually

Another blog I stumbled upon and absolutely love because it represents so many of my feelings about tango. Post is here

A huge smile appeared at her face.

You might ask how the tanda went, if we danced beautifully.

To this I would say that it was a true joy, and that you are asking the wrong question.

We shared a moment, as humans, no matter our age difference, ethnicity, beliefs… and that’s what matters.

I left this tanda happier, and I hope she did the same.

What if we all danced to spread joy and to heal?

How would a milonga look like in that case?

That’s a milonga I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Another one I am supporting 🙂

Link #6 – The journey is long

Take a read of trainee tanguera currently in BA. I love reading his posts. They are filled with joy, pensiveness and an unwitting love of life. The way he weaves into words the crestfallen nature and the unbridled joy of what is like taking the first steps on a long road ahead. An excerpt of one of the posts:

I think this is an object lesson in the value of leaders learning collaborative dance at as early a stage as possible – you can provide a good dance to a very experienced follower in comparison to much more experienced dancers with technique running through their veins.

I for one will keep on reading.

(HT: A plethora of tango blogs!)